Global Smaller Companies Fund

ISIN: LU1741498957

The fund aims to provide long term growth by investing predominately in the shares of smaller companies listed on the global stock markets. The fund typically holds a concentrated portfolio of stocks and is actively managed by our investment team, who will select stocks to try to take advantage of opportunities they have identified. Due to the nature of the companies in which the fund invests, investors must be willing to accept a relatively high degree of stock specific risk. The value of investments within the fund can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed - you may get back less than you pay in. The fund may use derivatives for the purposes of efficient portfolio management, reduction of risk or to meet its investment objective if this is permitted and appropriate. The value of assets held within the fund may rise and fall as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.

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Risikohinweis - Der Kapitalwert von Anlagen und die durch die Investitionen erzielten Erträge können sowohl steigen als auch fallen. Möglicherweise erhält ein Anleger nicht den vollen Betrag seiner Investition zurück.