From day one, you’ll contribute to our ambitions of forming a world class asset management company. You will be given real work with tangible outputs.

This takes cooperation and collaboration across all levels of our business. You’ll find your teammates and colleagues are there to help you settle in, to get your perspective on things, and to help push you towards achieving your personal goals too.

"The whole culture is about teamwork. I have now worked in three different teams across the business and teamwork has been central to all of them."
Carmen Olds

"I feel lucky to work in a place where you are encouraged to chat to anyone, regardless of their experience or seniority. I think this creates a friendly culture where grads are able to grow and develop very fast." 
Sophie Capaldi

"The people you work with on a daily basis are friendly and always willing to share information and experiences within the industry. The organisation is filled with impressive people who have done remarkable things, across specialities and disciplines, and they are always happy to pass on their knowledge."
Cameron Bourne

"Being a part of such a large organisation has the advantage of attracting a large cohort of graduates each year, whom are all in the same position and support each other – it is nice to have good friends in the office."
Sasha Kachanova

Sasha Kachanova

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