Fixed Income

Offering simple to highly sophisticated strategies spanning the universe of global fixed income

Fixed income is a diverse asset class that aims to deliver diversification, income, total return and capital preservation for investors.

The Fixed Income Team at Aberdeen Standard Investments harnesses the full spectrum of fixed income markets, issuers and credit quality – across public, private and alternative credit. With over 180 fixed income specialists, our depth of knowledge and experience enables us to build a wealth of solutions – from semi-passive to highly active – to meet all investor objectives and requirements.

At the heart of our capability is a disciplined, research-driven and team-based approach. This ensures investment consistency and allows us to target reliable and repeatable outcomes for clients.

Our broad range of fixed income strategies include:

  • Investment grade corporate bonds – clients can benefit from our credit expertise across the major global corporate bond markets.
  • Government bonds – our capabilities extend across the world’s government bond markets and cover a broad range of strategies.
  • Emerging market debt – we have a dedicated and experienced emerging markets team, enabling investors to access divergent economic fundamentals between emerging and developed markets.
  • Inflation-linked and Buy and Maintain strategies – includes a range of regional and global inflation-linked bond strategies for investors with concerns over the future path of inflation.
  • Absolute Return bond strategies – these seek to provide positive performance in all market conditions, while also helping to carefully control investment risks.
  • Unconstrained and total return bond strategies – involves investing across a broad opportunity set encompassing multiple fixed income sectors, while using investment flexibility to focus on our highest-conviction investment ideas.

Key Benefits

Global research network

Managing approximately £138.6bn / $183bn* in fixed income and money market assets, we offer the scale and resources to provide a clear information advantage across global bond markets.

Supported by credit and economic professionals in the UK, U.S., Asia and Australia, we have built a collaborative global research network. By sharing local market and issuer knowledge, we look to exploit changes in the economic outlook or credit quality and in turn generate return for our portfolios.

Integrated ESG analysis

We also embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our analysis – giving us a more complete view of risks and opportunities presented by issuers.

*Source: Aberdeen Standard Investments, June 30, 2018.

See the materials below for more information on key investment strategies.

Investment Strategy Inception Date GIPS Disclosure Factsheet/Strategy profile
U.S. Credit Strategy November 1, 2009
U.S. Long Corporate Fixed Income July 1, 2009
Emerging Market Debt - Plus August 1, 1999
Emerging Market Debt - Corporate Bond February 1, 2011
Emerging Market Debt - Frontier Markets October 1, 2013
Total Return Credit October 1, 2014
Global Inflation Linked Bond June 1, 2005

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