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Generating the best client outcomes by investing responsibly and sustainably

At Aberdeen Standard Investments, we look to make the best possible investments for our clients by understanding the whole picture – before, during and after we invest. That includes understanding the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities they present – and how these could affect longer-term performance.

We research how investments are managing their strengths and weaknesses – in relation to climate change, human capital management, supply chain issues, diversity or balance sheet issues. We actively engage with companies to promote best practice. We also apply our sustainability driven approach to a wide range of specialist strategies to meet clients’ specific ethical, socially responsible and thematic (e.g. climate-based) investment goals.

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Key Benefits

ESG at every stage

Environmental, social and governance considerations underpin all our investment activities. Our 1,000+* investment professionals take account of ESG factors in their research, stock selection and portfolio construction – supported by more than 50* ESG specialists around the world.

Active engagement

Through engagement and exercising our voting rights, we actively work with companies to improve corporate standards, transparency and accountability. While in real assets – such as real estate – we focus on sustainability, resource efficiency and socio-economic benefit.

By making ESG central to our investment capabilities, we look to deliver robust outcomes for our clients – as well as actively contribute to a fairer, more sustainable world.

*Source: Aberdeen Standard Investments, 30 June 2018

Climate Change

At Aberdeen Standard Investments we have a responsibility to all our clients to consider how climate change will impact the value of their investments. Assessing the risks and opportunities of climate change is therefore a core part of our Environmental, Social or Governance integration. Our climate change approach has been developed across six key areas of focus.

Read our Climate Change approach

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