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Corporate Sustainability

As a company, we aim to lead by example, striving for the same high standards that we expect, indeed demand, from investee companies.

We incorporate sustainability and diversity and inclusion into our operational practices.

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Committed to sustainable investing

We have elevated our sustainability efforts across the company. That’s because we believe the consideration of ESG factors results in more constructive engagement and better informed investment decisions – helping our clients achieve their financial objectives.

Active Ownership: our approach

The Responsible Investing Podcast Series covers topics including sustainability and climate change, diversity and inclusion, regulation and policy - and explores how together, we can invest for a better future.

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Funds in Focus

Exceptional, actively-managed solutions to allow investors to diversify risk and optimise investment opportunity.

Our Sustainable Investing principles. We put Active Ownership and ESG considerations at the heart of:

Integrated funds

our investment process -

we integrate and appraise ESG factors in our investment process, with the aim of generating the best long-term outcomes for our clients

Integrated funds

our investment activity -

we actively take steps as stewards to deliver long-term, sustainable value consistent with our clients' objectives

Integrated funds

our client journey -

we clearly define how we act in our clients' interests in delivering our stewardship and ESG principles and transparently report on our actions to meet those interests

Integrated funds

our corporate influence -

we actively advance policy, regulation and industry standards to deliver a better future for our clients, the environment and society

Focus on ESG

How we incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance factors into our approach to Sustainable Investing.

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Sustainable solutions

What Kind of investor are you?

Integrated Funds

Integrated funds

We consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as part of our investment process, and qualify these with ASI ESG House Scores, meaning your investments incorporate ESG risks and opportunities as standard. We also offer responsible investment funds aligned more strongly to specific ESG principles with funds placed into four groups.

Our sustainable solutions are aligned to specific ESG principles.

Values Funds

Values funds

With our ‘values’ solutions, we invest according to the ethical or sustainability issues that investors care about – for instance, climate change and environmental protection. Values-focused funds will include or avoid companies and industries based on those values.

Sustainable funds

Sustainable funds

Our sustainable funds invest in companies with sustainable businesses and that show superior management of ESG factors. With our sustainable funds, we avoid industries like coal or oil & gas that are deemed unsustainable.

Thematic funds

Thematic funds

We design our thematic funds to help investors benefit from specific responsible investing themes such as climate change and low-carbon technologies.

Impact funds

Impactful funds

Our impact funds invest in companies that provide solutions, products or services that counter environmental and/or social challenges. We align some of our impact funds to recognised standards such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Environmental Action

Together… we are tackling the environment crisis

We face interlinked environmental crises, from climate breakdown, extreme weather, and species loss to water scarcity and unsustainable food production. We take action in our operations, but our greatest impact and influence is through how we invest our customers’ and clients’ money.

We are proud to be a signatory of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, with a dedicated focus on financing the transition to a low-carbon economy. The adaptation to climate change impacts our products and investment decisions. Discover how we are working to help tackle climate change.


Our Position on…

The Environment | Biodiverstity | Nuclear Energy | Plastics | Palm Oil | Water

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Social Action

We are facing many global issues, from inequality and poverty to an ageing population. We want to raise awareness and drive positive change to support fair and inclusive work, equality of opportunity and connect with those isolated from society.


Our Position on…

Human Rights | Controversial Weapons | Businesses and Human Rights | Labour and employment | Diversity and Inclusion

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Governance and Active Ownership

Our informative quarterly report provides a summary of our company engagement and voting activities. Read the quarterly report here.

Voting is an important aspect in the stewardship of our clients’ capital. Read the 2020 AGM Season Voting Review


Our Position on…

Government and Human Rights | Business Ethics and Governance | Taxation

Sustainable Investing videos

Part of our DNA since 1992

Corporate Governance team established
First ethical fund launched
Joined UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association
Established Socially Responsible Investment team
Founder member of Eurosif
Became member of Asian Corporate Governance Association
Published first Real Estate SRI Policy
Founder member of UK Corporate Governance Forum
Became member of Carbon Disclosure Project
Dedicated ESG resource in real estate
Became signatory of UN Principles for Responsible Investment
Founder member of International Sustainability Alliance
Euro Corporate Bond SRI fund launched.
Enhanced voting disclosure developed
Became members of Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark
Published first Governance & Stewardship Annual Report.
Established ESG Investment Quarterly Report
Extel Award No1 leading asset manager for SRI/ESG
ESG on-desk analysts established on equity teams
Founder member Investment Advisory Group of Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
First impact fund launched
Dedicated ESG resource for fixed income
Awarded First General Research Ethics Board 5-star rating
Establishment of cross-asset class ESG Investment Forum
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Aberdeen Standard Investments is proud to support 40:40 Vision in the quest to achieve real, structural change for better gender diversity in executive leadership across ASX200 companies. More information can be found here.

Risk warning

Risk Warning

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