How much are your pension savings worth?

To work out the approximate value of your pension savings:

  1. See your last benefit statement for how many units you have and in which of our funds you are invested. Alternatively contact the administrator of your pension scheme for a more recent figure
  2. Multiply the number of units you have in each of our funds by each corresponding fund price
  3. Divide by 100 to give the result in pounds
  4. Add the results together to give you the approximate value of your pension savings

Please be aware that the current value of your pension savings, as calculated above, will not be equal to the pension you will ultimately receive when you retire. The current value does not take into account future contributions paid by you and your employer, or the cost of buying a pension at retirement; nor does it take into account the impact of market movements.

Your last benefit statement will show you the value of your AVC investments. For a more recent figure, please contact the Pension Administrators.