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There's no doubting that China's onshore A-Share equity market presents some compelling opportunities.

But identifying truly world-class companies in this vast and very mixed universe demands an active investment approach and a partner with proven experience.

Aberdeen Standard Investments has been investing in Chinese equities since 1992. With a large local China team and a robust, governance-focused research process, we're dedicated to finding the highest quality companies the market can offer.

So you can start opening up your portfolio to China's real potential.

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Why should you care about Chinese onshore equities? How do you invest? Is investing in so-called ‘A-shares’ worth the risks? China’s Local Equity Market: ‘…How and Where and Who’, a companion piece to China’s Bond Market: ‘What and Why and When…’, seeks to answer these questions.

Rudyard Kipling’s six honest serving-men ‘(They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When, And How and Where and Who’ provides an analytical framework to help explain China’s US$5.6*trillion onshore equity market.

We look at what the A-share market is, who the players are and the factors that drive the market. We show how foreign investor access has improved over the years. We also examine the risks that demand an active investment strategy based on rigorous research.

*Source: Bloomberg, 10 Jan 19. For illustractive purpose only. No assumptions regarding future performance should be made.

To help further capitalize on the burgeoning China A-share market, we are delighted to share with you one of our recent thought leadership publications China’s Local Equity Market: ‘…How and Where and Who’ which is based upon our differentiating China investment approach and experience since 1992. We employ our proprietary analytical framework to generate a 10-year outlook for investment returns. We also dig deeper into the small but important improvements in corporate governance. These show how efforts to make this market more professional are bearing fruit.

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