Fixed Income

Our approach

We create long-term value by running high-conviction portfolios informed by our own security analysis. We don’t chase yield, and we see loss avoidance as more crucial to returns than identifying winners.

  • Comprehensive set of capabilities covering benchmark-orientated, liability-related and absolute-return strategies
  • Proprietary credit-research model helps avoid losers as well as identify winners
  • Global reach with experienced teams around the world
  • Security focus on value relative to fundamental quality
  • Emphasis on risk oversight to reduce losses
  • Our long-standing Asian presence supports insight into emerging markets

Capabilities in focus

Total Return Bonds

Although bonds are primarily valuable to investors for their yields, total-return bond strategies focus not only on yields but also on the capital appreciation that judicious bond investing can produce. These strategies can explore opportunities in niche markets and invest in local-currency foreign bonds. Total-return bond strategies can also shift bond durations and adopt positions across multiple yield curves. They can thus provide protection against rising rates, weakening currencies and volatility in mainstream fixed-income markets.

Funds In Focus Factsheet KIID
Standard Life Investments - Total Return Credit Fund


Corporate bonds offer a diverse range of investment opportunities. Investment-grade corporate bonds have higher yields than those of government bonds, allowing for superior income streams, yet still provide a high degree of stability and a low risk of default. By considering the full spectrum of credit quality, investors can also take on more risk through including high-yield bonds in their portfolios.

Funds Factsheet KIID
Standard Life Investments - Global Corporate Bond
Standard Life Investments - European Corporate Bond

Deeper Diversification

Broaden your exposure with the right perspective.