AAM Group

While retaining distinct investment philosophies and processes, both Standard Life Investments and Aberdeen Asset Management share a set of common investment beliefs. These are the foundations for our investment approach:

  • Active investing can generate robust long-term performance
  • A team-based ethos is central
  • ESG should be embedded within the investment approach
  • Managers should leverage their expertise across investment capabilities.

Aberdeen Standard Investments has the depth and scale of investment capabilities to meet the current and future needs of clients. A full suite of actively managed strategies is complemented by quantitative, rules-based approaches that systematically look to capture or enhance market return.

By maintaining this breadth of expertise, we aim to lead the way with innovative investment approaches that can target investors’ specific needs for income, return, risk control or liability management – as well as seeking to provide sources of performance across different market cycles.

Investment approach

Aberdeen Standard Investments embrace an active management approach. Focus is placed on undertaking primary, internal research and consideration of the fundamentals underlying any prospective investment.

This emphasis is supported by close collaboration between different asset-class teams. As a result, investment professionals make better-informed decisions, leveraging the full spectrum of available insights.

These common components allow us to harness the combined talents and capabilities from across both firms. With 1,000 investment professionals located across 24 offices around the world, the ability to share these insights widely is a key competitive advantage.

  • Fundamentals Driven
  • Micro & Macro Research
  • Long-Term Investors
  • Team-Based Ethos
  • Fully Embedded ESG
  • Shared Asset-Class Insights

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