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New customers

  • You will need your National Insurance number if you’re applying for a Stocks and Shares ISA.
  • You will need your bank account details if you are making regular payments.

Existing ISA Investors

  • If you are looking to transfer an existing ISA holding, you must complete an ISA Transfer form
  • You will have to take out a new ISA with us. You will be able to transfer, in cash, any ISA investment you have made in the current and any previous tax years. The cash will be retained within your ISA tax wrapper during the transfer process. You will be out of the market during this time.


  • You are 18 years or over.
  • You are resident or ordinary resident in the UK for tax purposes, with a UK address. Please see the UK Funds Staff & Pensioners Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • You are a UK-based existing employee of the Standard Life Group (before the merger with Aberdeen Asset Management) or a pensioner who retired directly from active service and is taking benefits from the SL Staff Pension Scheme.
  • If you leave the Standard Life Group, our preferential terms will no longer apply.
  • If applying for a Stocks and Shares ISA, you can only pay into one Stocks and Shares ISA each tax year.

Important information

Before you sign the paper application form, you must read an up-to-date version of the Key Investor Information Document(s), the Supplementary Investor Information Document(s) and Prospectus where applicable for each fund in which you want to invest in addition to the UK Funds Staff & Pensioners Terms and Conditions

Aberdeen Standard Fund Managers Limited is the provider of the Stocks and Shares ISA

If you are happy to proceed without receiving financial advice, remember that your decision will be based solely on your own interpretation of the information provided. We have not taken into account your individual needs and circumstances. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of the product you should seek financial advice.

Please be aware that we have updated our Aberdeen Standard Investments UK Funds Staff & Pensioner Terms & Conditions. Except as laid out below, these updates are generally to make things clearer and to reflect some changes in law and regulation and are effective from 28 February 2021.

The UK Funds Staff & Pensioner Terms & Conditions now cover investments in any Funds where you hold them either directly or in an ISA.

We have also updated clause 6.5, to allow us to switch your holding into the lowest risk fund in the event we are closing a fund, in order to maintain your ISA tax status.

For more information see here.

Convert into 0% AMC share class

Our MyFunds offering has evolved to allow those employees who have existing holdings with Aberdeen Standard Fund Managers Ltd instead* to convert them into the 0% AMC share classes.

If you instruct a conversion into a 0% AMC share class, any regular investments/withdrawals that you have set up for the same fund(s) will be automatically converted at the same time.

Please download and complete the Converting & Switching form. Please note that completed forms should be returned to the address on the form and not in the internal mail.

* Six digit account numbers, e.g. 123456. Account numbers starting with WP (Wrap) or SP (Fundzone) cannot be converted in this way. Please refer to the Q&A for more details.

Next steps

Once you have read the Important Information, download and complete the application form(s).

Note: please do not send application forms in internal mail envelopes.

The address to send application forms to is:

Aberdeen Standard Fund Managers Limited,
PO Box 12233,
CM99 2EE

You will then receive a contract note(s) shortly after we have received and accepted your application form. For any questions once you have returned your application please call us on 0345 113 6966.