Asian equities

We invest in high-quality companies in Asia Pacific which we believe are well-placed to benefit from structural growth themes over the long term. Given their fundamental quality and balance-sheet strength, we believe these companies are better positioned to weather market volatility and the negative economic impact from Covid-19.

Key benefits


Emphasis on quality

We focus on identifying well-managed companies with good ESG credentials and competitive advantages in their sectors. We believe these characteristics position them for growth and also provide resilience during periods of market stress. This enables these companies to recover more quickly from market downturns.


Exposure to growth

Rapid urbanisation across Asia Pacific is driving infrastructure development, wage increases, consumer demand, educational advances and technological development. We invest in companies in line to benefit from aspirational consumption of premium goods and services, as well as those that enable technology, help to shape our digital future and build Asia’s infrastructure and cities.


Regional resources and insight

We have been managing Asia-Pacific equities for more than 30 years. Our regional team comprises 50 investment professionals who collaborate closely across eight equity desks. This means we benefit from broad market coverage and deep investment insights. We can also engage with companies proactively to help improve corporate performance.

Our ESG approach to equity investing

We believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are financially material and can impact a company’s performance – either positively or negatively. Understanding ESG risks and opportunities, alongside other financial metrics, is therefore an intrinsic part of our research process.

The world is evolving rapidly in the current Covid-19 crisis and ESG factors will be more important than ever. We believe companies that take a wider view of their responsibilities, including all stakeholders – such as employees, customers and suppliers – are more likely to succeed.

We actively engage with the companies in which we invest, sharing insights and encouraging best practice where possible. We combine information from these meetings with the insights of our investment managers, ESG equity analysts and central ESG Investment team. This comprehensive approach means we can build a richer, more holistic view of each company. It also means we can consistently evaluate one company against another.

This approach is all part of our responsible stewardship of our clients’ assets – helping us mitigate risks, unlock opportunities and enhance long-term returns.

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