Invest in Aberdeen Standard – FAQs


At Aberdeen Standard Asset Management (Thailand) Limited, we believe it is important for investors to understand what they are investing in. As such, we have links listed below to answers for frequently asked questions, which may address your immediate queries.

1. What is B-Pay?
2. What is FastTrack?
3. What is the difference between B-Pay and FastTrack?
4. What documents must the unit-holder provide to the Company in order to apply for the FastTrack service? How long would it take to activate the service? How would the unit-holder be informed on the service activation?
5. For the B-Pay system, would the unit-holder be required to pay for any other expenses in addition to the subscription amount?
6. How would the unit-holder be informed if the payment via the B-Pay service and/or the execution of a Subscription Order form by the FastTrack service has been completed?
7. What are the procedures of payment through the B-Pay system via ATM, Telephone Banking, or Internet Banking (details of each bank’s payment procedure)?
8. If the unit-holder did not provide a mobile phone number in Reference 2 in the B-Pay form, how would the unit-holder receive a confirmation of the payment for unit trusts?
Risk warning
Risk warning – The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested. Please study product’s features, conditions, and relevant risks before making investment decision. Past performance/ performance comparison relating to a capital market product is not a guarantee of future results.