Guides to investing

Clear, balanced – and compliant

Each guide is written in simple, jargon-free language. We’re careful to explain both the potential downsides and upsides of investing. And because they’ve been fully reviewed by our compliance teams, you can put each guide in front of your clients with complete confidence.

Throughout our guides, we stress the importance of speaking to a financial adviser before making any investment decisions. So we hope they’ll add real value to your client activities.

Download the first guides below – and watch out for more in the series.

A guide to bonds

A clear and simple guide to the unique role of bonds in a portfolio, including the different types of bond, how they can generate regular income and where they sit on the risk-reward spectrum. Includes a clear summary of the different types of bond fund available.

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A guide to multi-asset investing

Get clients confident with the concept of multi-asset investing. Our beginner’s guide goes step-by-step through the principles of multi-asset investing, how it delivers risk diversification, and what assets it may invest in. We also outline key types of multi-asset strategy.

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A guide to equities

An invaluable introduction to ordinary company shares, how they can make money for an investor (and how they can lose it). We also highlight the different ways to invest in equities, including a run-down of the types of equity fund that investors may encounter.

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Risk warning - Before investing, investors should consider carefully the investment objective, risks, charges, and expenses of a fund. This and other important information is contained in the prospectus and KIID document. The information is intended to be of general interest only and should not be considered as an offer, investment recommendation or solicitation, to deal in the shares of any securities or financial instruments.