What is 'good' investing?

Essentially, it means investing with the objective of "doing good", whilst aiming for a financial return. There is a range of options available, covering different values.

  • Ethical investing - excluding companies based on their involvement in, for instance, tobacco, gambling or those that pollute the environment.
  • Sustainable & responsible investing (SRI) - primarily focuses on measuring a company’s approach to managing sustainability factors.
  • Impact investing - investing in companies, organisations and funds with the intention of those companies generating positive social and environmental impacts, through their products / services or business strategies, alongside seeking financial returns.

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Good Money Week

We are proud to sponsor Good Money Week.

Good Money Week is a UK Campaign to raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance to help people make good money choices.

Good Money Week Investment Seminars

We are running two Investment Seminars during the week which takes place from 24-30 October.

Please join us on Tuesday 27 October for Part 1, to learn about what companies could be doing to help tackle climate change and bring emissions down to net zero by 2030, how we integrate carbon footprint and climate scenarios analysis into our fixed income processes and how to invest to make a difference to our future and now.

Also, listen in to Part 2 on Thursday 29 October to learn about our green agenda heat map which highlights countries well positioned to advance climate policy even in the midst of the on going global pandemic, how investing with an impact can make a difference on the environment and society and listen to our panel as they discuss the roles that research and engagement can play in making investors agents for change.

To register for Part 1, Part 2 or both sessions please click on the below button.


Climate change

At Aberdeen Standard Investments, we are committed to help tackling climate change – for our clients, shareholders and the generations to come.

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