Local giving

Through local charity committees, which are based in our offices around the globe, employees are empowered to develop their local approach to charitable giving, supporting causes relevant to their community.

Our funding criteria

  • Registered charity – donations are granted to registered charities, not social enterprises or crowdfunding pages

  • Focus – we will consider requests relating to most charitable causes, with the exception of those promoting religious or political views, or discriminate against protected characteristics such as sexual orientation or gender

  • Project costs – donations should fully fund a project which has specific and measurable objectives

  • Local in nature – beneficiaries of any donation should be located in a community close to one of our offices

  • Reasonable timescales – money should be used within six months of it being granted

Donations we won’t consider

  • Cannot promote religious or political views or discriminate against sexual orientation, gender etc.
  • Social enterprises or crowd funding pages
  • Salary / overhead costs
  • Projects which require a multi-year commitment

To apply:

IMPORTANT! Please save this document to your own device before completing the form

Please send a fully completed application form and your most recent audited accounts to asi.foundation@aberdeenstandard.com.

Where we support charities

Where we support charities