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At Aberdeen Standard Investments we regularly receive sponsorship enquiries from individuals, clubs and other organisations.

To help us decide if these proposals are a good match for our business, we measure them against the criteria below:

Our Sponsorship Criteria

  • Global reach – it should be able to support and reflect the international nature of our business
  • A good fit – the aims and values of the sponsorship should be aligned with our own
  • Reasonable timescales – we won’t normally consider opportunities that take place within the following six months
  • Complement our other activities – it should work well with our other business and marketing activities
  • Exclusivity – we don’t consider proposals where we don’t have exclusive rights within our industry sector.

Sponsorships we won’t consider

  • Political or religious causes
  • Violent themes, high-risk activities or extreme sports
  • Anything that might damage our brand or industry
  • Community sport or charity fundraisers
  • Trips or projects for educational bodies or artistic groups.

Charitable Foundation

We may be able to help you through our Charitable Foundation.


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