Standard Life Investments Global SICAV II - Global Equity Impact Fund
A Acc Unhedged EUR

ISIN: LU1697922752

The Fund aims to generate growth over the long term by investing in equities which aim to create positive measurable environmental and/or social impacts. It will invest primarily in equities of corporations listed on recognised stock exchanges. The impact criteria may change from time to time and may include areas such as sustainable energy, recycling practices, health and social care, sanitation, education and employment, agriculture, housing and financial inclusion. The investment team will maintain a diverse asset mix at impact, country, sector and stock level, with the regional, country and sector weightings within the portfolio a by-product of the underlying stock exposure. Their primary focus is on stock selection to try to take advantage of opportunities they have identified. Due to the concentrated nature of the fund investors must be willing to accept a relatively high degree of stock specific risk.

The impact criteria applicable to the Fund are set out in an Impact Policy which is available from the Management Company and may be amended from time to time as considered necessary. Past performance is not a guide to future returns and future returns are not guaranteed. The price of assets and the income from them may go down as well as up and cannot be guaranteed; an investor may receive back less than their original investment. The fund may use derivatives to reduce risk or cost, or to generate additional capital or income at low risk. Usage of derivatives is monitored to ensure that the fund is not exposed to excessive or unintended risks. The value of overseas assets held in the fund may rise and fall as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.

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