Emerging Market Local Currency Debt Fund

ISIN: LU0913259429

The fund aims to provide a return over the longer term from a combination of income, capital appreciation and foreign currency appreciation. The fund will achieve this by investing primarily in bond securities and emerging market currencies. The majority of bonds will be denominated in local currency and issued or guaranteed by governments, financial institutions or companies in emerging markets.The fund is actively managed by our investment team, who will select bonds, currencies and who may invest a proportion of the fund's assets in other bonds and/or money market instruments to try to take advantage of opportunities they have identified. Past performance is not a guide to future returns and future returns are not guaranteed. The price of assets and the income from them may go down as well as up and cannot be guaranteed; an investor may receive back less than their original investment. The fund may use derivatives to reduce risk or cost, or to generate additional capital or income at low risk, or to meet its investment objective. Usage of derivatives is monitored to ensure that the fund is not exposed to excessive or unintended risks. The value of assets held within the fund may rise and fall as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.

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Avvertenze sui rischi
Avvertenze sui rischi - Prima dell’investimento, i sottoscrittori devono considerare attentamente l'obiettivo di investimento, i rischi, gli oneri e i costi del Fondo.
Le informazioni importanti relative al Fondo sono contenute nel Prospetto informativo e nel documento KIID. Le informazioni di carattere informativo, non sono da considerarsi un’offerta commerciale, sollecitazione all’acquisto o sottoscrizione all’acquisto delle azioni del Fondo o qualsivoglia titolo o strumento finanziario.