Coronavirus updates and insights

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is the most acute challenge facing the world at present, and indeed for many years.

Clearly, the course of the outbreak is of paramount importance to us and our clients. To show how our thinking is evolving, we will be providing regular global updates, along with information at an asset class and fund level.

Please check this page regularly to see our latest thoughts on the crisis – both on the immediate situation and on how it is shaping our long-term outlook.

Webinar: Coronavirus caution – will markets get worse before they get better?

Recorded 17th March 2020
In the coming months, we’re likely to see a lot of volatility in markets as investors grapple with unfolding events. Hear from our experts at Aberdeen Standard Investments:

Jeremy Lawson, Chief Economist
Gerry Fowler, Investment Director Multi-Asset Funds
Craig MacDonald, Global Head of Fixed Income
Devan Kaloo, Global Head of Equities

Click here for the webinar.

We've been keeping our heads down, blocking out the 'noise' and doing the hard work of research, which helps lead us to a considered assessment of whether the COVID-19 outbreak, and recent oil shock, is likely to lead to a global recession or merely a severe but brief slowdown.

Risicowaarschuwing - Beleggen brengt risico met zich mee. De waarde van beleggingen en de inkomsten hieruit kunnen zowel dalen als stijgen en het is mogelijk dat een belegger minder terugkrijgt dan het belegde bedrag. Resultaten uit het verleden zijn geen garantie voor resultaten in de toekomst. Voor iedere belegging dient u de risico factoren in het prospectus te raadplegen en in het bijzonder de specifieke risico’s.