Coronavirus updates and insights

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is the most acute challenge facing the world at present, and indeed for many years.

Clearly, the course of the outbreak is of paramount importance to us and our clients. To show how our thinking is evolving, we will be providing regular global updates, along with information at an asset class and fund level.

Please check this page regularly to see our latest thoughts on the crisis – both on the immediate situation and on how it is shaping our long-term outlook.

Live webinars: Coronavirus caution

We've been keeping our heads down, blocking out the 'noise' and doing the hard work of research, which helps lead us to a considered assessment of the unfolding COVID-19 situation. We aim to share this research and our thoughts with you, and help provide insight in these unprecedented times. If you join us live, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to our panel of experts.

Episode 1 – Will markets get worse before they get better?

17th March 2020 - Click here for the webinar

Episode 2 – Emerging opportunities amidst the panic

24th March 2020 - Click here for the webinar

Episode 3 – A focus on Fixed Income

31 March 2020 - Click here for the webinar

Episode 4 – A focus on Equities

7th April 2020 - Click here for the webinar

Aviso de risco
Aviso de risco – Antes de investir, os investidores devem avaliar cuidadosamente o objetivo de investimento, os riscos, os custos e as despesas de um fundo. Essas informações e outras informações importantes encontram-se no prospeto e no documento de informações fundamentais destinadas aos investidores (KIID). Essas informações são apenas de caráter geral e não devem ser entendidas como uma oferta, uma recomendação ou uma solicitação de investimento na negociação de ações de quaisquer títulos ou instrumentos financeiros.